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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - Rusty prefers the Zane type of physique

Rusty posted a message to his Yahoo! Group that he has been up to 265 pounds and was out of breath, felt unhealthy, almost sickly and very cumbersome. Not a good look, nor good for our general health. Rusty prefers the Frank type of physique!

Here is the full message:

"I can appreciate extreme hugeness of some of the current pros, and all it takes to get there...I wish I were 280 and ripped to shreds, but there's a price to pay. I've been up to 265 and was out of breath, felt unhealthy, felt almost sickly and very cumbersome. Not a good look, nor good for your general health. I prefer to look good year round, and have a decent waistline...after all, that's what I got into this for!!

I absolutely won't get on a high pedestal and say I've never done anything unnatural or illegal, but there is a line everyone has to make the decision to cross and how far you go. I don't care what anyone else takes or does, that's their business. I know how far I'll go and to and to what extent. I like the look I have and I could look like a Michelin man, but I prefer the Zane type of physique, judging be damned.

I receive enough emails and enough comments to know that everyone is awed by the giant physiques which are winning, but if you could read my emails and hear the comments I receive on a daily basis.... I'm happily surprised by the majority of comments are towards the more classic look. Wish these people were judging or better yet, in control of sponsorship contracts!!!

I'm just happy to make a magazine article here or there..."

I wish I were the judges and gave him the winner!!

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