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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rusty has been a Natural Bodybuilder!

Rusty talked about steroids and said that he had been a natural bodybuilder for 10 years! Here is the abstract of his message to his Yahoo! Group:

"Steroids are a term "Jack Average" knows....if there was a graph 10' long of all tLinkhe things you can use to improve your physique, legal or not, steroids would be about 1' long. "Jack Average" my term for people looking in from the outside of whatever situation, in this case bodybuilding, needs to know that...what anyone uses is their personal decision.

I am at my peak physically, mentally and spiritually. I have used unreal amounts of vitamins from my teen years to today, some with success and some knowing I just pissed my money away...but it is all worth it to me in my quest. Don't be fooled by what you hear in the media about steroids...they never have and never will make you a champion, nor will they "give you" anything you don't bust your ass to get...wouldn't everyone look great if they at least tried, or strived to their greatest ability to achieve their goals?? I trained for about 10 years as a "Natural" bodybuilder, and yes, most in those contests are NOT natural...sorry, the truth. When a beginner (someone with less tha n 5 years of serious training) uses any drug, they get the usual water bloat, terrible temper, acne and size gain, they go off and they go back to where they were....In between shows or financial constraint, pros go off of whatever they choose..NONE of them shrink back to regular size..............I've been training since I was 14...and never taken much time off except for shoulder surgery a few years ago...I never shrunk, got a little smooth, which makes you look smaller, and visa versa when you get lean you look HUGE since you can see all the detail...I"ve lost 15 lbs for this show and everyone keeps going on about how much I"ve grown...kind of funny, but I"m used to it. I've actually gone down in size and weight, but when you see the definition, you look larger because everything is right in front of your eyes.

The bodybuilding lifestyle is extremely healthy. I eat chicken, meat, vegetables, nothing canned, boxed, fried, no butter, milk or crap...I like to eat healthy and it shows...I got a GREAT compliment tonight about my skin...and whether or not anyone uses any drugs, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to NOT have problems down the road....longevity is the goal and why would anyone jeopordize themselves on some risky thing???? There are many risky things to take and some which have virtually not side's how you live your life....

I have several friends who are pros and do lots of recreational drugs...some are dead, burned out, in jail etc...I don't know any pros who are sick from using bodybuilding related drugs...that is a key element for most to know...."

I think this is why Rusty's physique is so symmetrical and beautiful.

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