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Friday, October 05, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - Cardio and Supplements for contest preparation

Rusty posted a message to his Yahoo! group about how much cardio he does and what supplements he takes for contest preparation. Here is the extract:

"Lets see, how much cardio..depends on how I look..I like to stay reasonably lean, I don't get too smooth, I know how hard it is to get ripped. Before a show, I can do up to an hour in the am. and and an hour after my last training session, I may pose instead of doing cardio. It kind of depends on how I look. I like to do a half hour four times a week at least. Keeps me feeling good. If I go to Vegas like last week (for the Olympia) and eat nonstop at all the buffets, I did a half an hour twice a day for a few days to burn off all those calories. .......................................... As for supplements, I take a HUGE amount...Start all supplementation with a good multivitamin/mineral supplement, tons of aminos, BCAA's right after training, I drink lots of little concoctions after my workout, I put Glutaine in my protein drink, I use Carnitine after training, I use TONS of stuff!!! I don't think I can type anymore..I'm also falling asleep. Suffice to say LOTS of protein and amino type supplements. Hope I've helped.

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