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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - "CLASSIC CHEST" in Flex Magazine, October 2007

Rusty posted a message to his forum that he will appear on Flex Magazine, October 2007 with a 9 pages article about Classic vs. Huge. It is:

Classic Chest (page 140)
Borrowing from the legends of our sport, Rusty Jeffers crafts a pec workout that stands the test of time.
By Greg Merritt

The writer thinks that there is no one better to ask than Rusty Jeffers about classic bodybuilding. The article says something about Rusty's history, philosopy, training and future. It described how Rusty was influenced by the pros in the 70's and 80's. "Casey Viator trained teenage Rusty and, in exchange, the teenage mowed the bodybuilding legend's lawn...." It also listed rules to build the classic physique. "...Rusty knows it's unlikely the most aesthetic physiques will ever again be the most popular but that's never deterred Jeffers..." At last, the writer says "Long live the classics."

Here is the Table of Content for your reference:

FLEX (UK), November 2007 edition also features that article. You can read the article on-line from FLEX (UK) site here:

Rusty was first appeared in a muscle magazine in an article called "Slugging it Out!" Feb 2003, MuscleMag. The content of it can be read from Rusty's forum (Part I, Part II)

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