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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rusty Jeffers - Train Hard with Less Cardio, Eat Right and Grow!

Rusty Jeffers answered a question on training and diet on the forum of Here is the extract:

"Question: I was wanting your advise on diet. I dont make a whole lot now, so I can't buy all the nice diet foods out there. Right now, I'm eating eggs, peanut butter, oatmeat, tuna fish, and ground beef. I drink alot of 2% milk also, probably about a half a gallon a day. The thing is I don't mind working hard in the gym. I love the feeling from it and I want to push myself harder everytime. Everyday, seven days a week I workout two hours a day. I workout for an hour with weights and I do cardio for an hour. Eventually, when I get a better job, I'll be able to get a better diet. Would you say what I got right now is ok?

Rusty's Answer: First you didn't say what your goal was, getting leaner, getting bigger, getting stronger....what?? That's kind of a biggie, everybody thinks along different lines. I will ASSUME you want to get bigger. If you are truly working out for an hour, and are doing cardio for an CANNOT get bigger, just overtrained and probably aren't getting all that much stronger. Limit your cardio to 4X per week at a half hour a day. Unless you're bodyfat is pretty high or you're getting ready for a show you are going to mess up any progress at all. Next, get RID of the milk. Entirely. Rotten source of protein, no matter what you are reading on the label. Go buy some chicken, eat very little of the peanut butter. MAN...milk, PB, ground beef and worse chicken??? AND an hour of cardio a day. You are wasting your time. Eat better foods, ie, chicken, flank steak, oatmeal, egg whites, rice, sweet potatoes, lots of VEGGIES, less cardio, less high fat foods like PB/ground beef/milk and if you love to train and are only in the gym an hour, you better be training your ass off. You will see HUGE gains just changing those things. You are definitely going in the wrong direction currently with your choice of foods, but if you just change these things you will be in a better position to build quality muscle and reach some goals. It's not easy, if it was then everyone would look freakin' great."

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