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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - His thought about posing on stage and body conditioning nowadays

Rusty Jeffers posted a message to the forum of about what he think posing should be and body conditioning nowadays. Here are the extracts:

"........ For the comment on Ed Corney, I really studied the hell out of his moves for a long time, I consider what I do an art form and I'm glad that people are vocal enough to say they think it's important. Also Zane, Mentzer, everyone that made bodybuilding exciting to me as a kid. These guys had "signature" poses, no one really has that anymore do they? It kills me that people within this sport take posing so lightly. All I see are guys walking around onstage waving for people to clap for them without even posing. Or all they do is a string of mandatories. As an amateur, I always worked hard on my presentation, I think it helped a lot..routines anymore are an after thought. That's too bad. I still think it's important to show the fans a professional routine. Mandatories can get pretty old.

I've seen many pro physiques placing well JUST because of conditioning. I don't consider having the most shredded physique synonomous with an instant win or placing higher than a complete physique. It's the combination of size, symmetry, shape and condition, plus being able to display it in a way that is exciting and dramatic to watch should set it off from the rest. Anymore it's all about condition. All the pros know that. Look at the placings, some with lagging bodyparts...hey, this is just my 2 cents but a pro shouldn't HAVE that little problem, but there's plenty of unbalance out there isn't there?? Lots of big guts too. BUT, if you're shredded's forgiven. Don't worry about those small calves or lacking hams, you've got striated glutes!! Winnnah!! So if I lack the extreme conditioning to some, consider this. I've had striated glutes and quads and was told I was smooth. I've come in a show slightly smooth and told I was at my best shape ever. Go figure. That comment was from the same well respected person who was at both shows...You can only do so much before you are giving in to the mentality that being insanely ripped is the only key. I personally don't think having striated glutes makes you a better bodybuilder, nor do I think it looks all that great...soon we will all have to wear g-strings to show striated glutes. Absolutely, it can be impressive as how lean someone is, but it shouldn't have gotten to the importance that it has. I'm going to try to be my leanest ever for my next show, and I'll give ya a routine to remember. It's all I can do. I'll always try to improve, but I AM a little sick of hearing about conditioning. I'm sure I'm going to catch a lot crap over this little rant!!!"

Right, extreme conditioning is bad to our health. We should not force our body to a detrimental condition in order to win. And extreme conditioning should not be praised in the judges' minds.

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