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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rusty Jeffers thanked all his friends and fans

Rusty posted a message to his Yahoo! group to thanked all the kinds words from his friends and fans. Here is the extract:

" Hey everybody!

I want to thank everyone for your awesome emails and extremely kind words...I am very humbled to be spoken to by people all over the world and here in my backyard..I worked very very very hard for this
show, had two setbacks (one injury and one financial)in the last two weeks which kept me from quite a bit of leg training and too much working, to come in where I'd like....I don't want to make any excuses so I won't get into that. No matter,...I just want to tell each and everyone of you how much I appreciate YOU, and yes, I will compete again and WILL be better prepared financially for the next one, but I think I did fairly well on the dime!!!

I came home to 195 emails between 3 email accounts and yesterday I was down to a "meager" 65 emails...I answered 90% of them personally. Francy did the uploading of photos and tried to get them out all over the place...major bulletin boards, friends, etc. I appreciate the new friends I've made here and the ones I met in New York...I wish more of you would've introduced yourselves!!!

.............As for the Colorado Pro, there is no possible way for me to do it. The airfare and hotel are the least of my concerns financially. There is much more to it and I don't think it's appropriate for me to get into all that. I do appreciate the thoughts of helping me, but just wish on a stay, say a prayer, tell your local NPC promotor to hire me for guest posings...heh heh a little self promotion there..

Thanks one and all, I am very honored to have people interested in my career and my hard work!!!

your bud,


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