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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rusty Jeffers talked publicly about his past model career on the boards of ""

Rusty posted a message to "GetBig" bulletin boards about his past model career. Here is the message:

"Wow!! I rarely read much on boards, but this one I HAVE to reply to!!!

First, I have to thank all of you for your kind words and acknowledgements of my physique. I work extremely hard to stay balanced and symmetrical...that's what I started training for..for some reason I thought it was important..? I wouldn't trade physiques with anyone at that show, nor anything else.. so secondly I'd like to comment on the porn stuff..

I worked for Colt Studios for 10 years, BUT... I never ever ever did anything GAY or never in my entire career ever had any photos/videos or anything else with another man OR woman.... I have probably thousands of modeling photos, all nudes, but you will never ever find anything GAY.

I am married, have a child and am with the same woman since 1989. Our decision to model in the first place was to finance shows and compete more often than I could afford to with a regular job, like construction. (which I was doing at the time) My wife was also present at many of the shoots and everyone at the old Colt Studios, not to be confused with the new Colt Studios, which is now is a different company. Everybody had their opinions as to what's right and wrong, but wrong is something I have to remember and I never did anything that would come back at me negatively... look at any of my modeling shots and there's nothing I consider wrong, immoral, or gay.

I don't do muscle worship or private modeling sessions either, many pros do... My photos are were marketed to the gay community because they like to see naked muscular men.... women don't buy much... we tried!! Anyway to the guy who said I'm 8"..... you're a little short!!! I"ve got photos to prove it, do YOU???

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Rusty Jeffers"

Being a bodybuilder who loves competing on stage is not easy! I respect what Rusty has done. They are artistic and beautiful. He deserves more respect from the bodybuilding field.

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