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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The reason why Rusty won't do Colorado Pro

Rusty Jeffers sent out a message to the bullein board of "GetBig" to explain the reason why he would not do the Colorado Pro:

"I just posted to the other thread all about what I'm about and all the other crap..I've thought about a lot of this, but my decision not to compete wasn't just airfare and hotel..I'm not homeless for gods sake!!! I needed to be realistic about how much money it takes to prepare for a show...not the travel. I figured with money won from the Masters I would do the Colorado...but after coming home with only an "I love NY" t-shirt, I have financial obligations. There is no way to do the show without getting into debt and with the way judging is going...I don't owe my financial future to people who don't appreciate symmetry and balance. I guess right now I'm just going "what the f()*^&^?Huh

I appreciate all of everyones kind words and encouragement, it means a LOT. But right now, I'm just going to regroup and figure out what show will be next... I'm down but NOT OUT!!!!

By the way, Bob is a nice guy! He's been cool with me. Nuff said on that.


It's a pity that Rusty won't do the Colorado Pro due to his financial commitment. He deserved a place in the Masters Pro and got the money to finance the Colorado. So, we better go to his website and buy his stuff and help finance Rusty to do more competition shows! We love to see him on stage. He has the muscle. He has the symmetry. He has the spirit in bodybuilding. He is a nice guy worthy of our support!

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