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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

2015 Rusty Jeffers Southwest Championships

Rusty will be holding a bodybuilding show in April 2015. Rusty posted a message on Facebook Fan page:

This show is going to be all about the athletes, wait till you see the judges!!! No more "so and so doesn't like me" All of these judges have done well in this sport you can RESPECT! I'd always wanted judges to be people who have done as well or had better than me to judge me. I KNOW that's not always possible, but the ones we have so far are all athletes of high caliber physique, been successful at a high level and are of the same staunch vision for fair judging. If you fit this category, call, email or message me if you'd like to be considered as an alternate. Sorry, no local trainers, local competitors, or local gym owners...I want this show to remain true to being a GAME CHANGER! Keep watching...

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