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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rusty Jeffers - Posing Trunks on eBay!

Rusty Jeffers just put his posing trunks on sale on eBay. Here is his message to all potential buyers:

"These are my favorite posing trunks EVER! I first competed in them in the 2007 San Francisco Pro show, then 2008 Pro Ironman and most recently in the 2009 Pro Ironman in Los Angeles. They are in great shape, are black with red shiny dots which picked up the stage lights perfectly!!! I've had so many people ask to buy them I decided to put them up for sale!!!! A signed 8 X 10 photograph from the most recent show (or any other the winning bidder wants) will go with them. ALSO, my competitors backstage badge, and my onstage number (#19) will go with them also for a full set!! Good luck!!!"

The auction will end on Feb-10-09 21:45:50 PST. Good luck to all interested fans!!

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