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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rusty Jeffers - Eats fresh and never freezes anything!!

Rusty posted a message on the forum of that he eats as fresh as possible and never freezes anything!!:

"I shop at least 3 times a week easy and don't buy as much as you'd think. I like my stuff as fresh as it can be so I buy only what I need for a couple of days. I don't freeze anything.... ever! (I buy most of my meats at Costco, the grocery stores don't have as quality of beef) A friend who is in the gourmet food business buys large quantities of meat direct from a place that is the best of the best so to say, and he brings stuff over once in a while. But I probably only spend about $75 each time. It's only meat, veggies, fruits, eggs, rice, chicken, cream...."

Well I think the ice cream will surely melt unless he eats them all before he gets home!! So what are inside his freezer??

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