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Monday, February 18, 2008

Rusty Jeffers - 2008 Iron Man Pro, speak-out

Rusty posted his first message after the Ironman Pro on forum. Here are what Rusty said:

"Hey all, by now you all know what happened at the Ironman. I just lost my fire and any form of caring by Thursday. I don't really know why, maybe too long of dieting, definitely lower back pain kept me from being able to practice posing. Usually I'm totally fired up and ready to give a good show, but after missing several meals trying to keep my waist small, 1 week earlier I was in way better shape, I way flattened out. See my website for those pics.

I know there were several guys who emailed me to say they were going just to see me pose in person. I did the first few poses, forgot what I was doing, knocked out a few other poses and just walked off stage. I was so pissed at myself and my condition I just couldn't concentrate. THAT has never happened to me before because posing is what I love to do and I know I let those people down. That was my worst outing at any show... but look at the bright side, there's always another show.

Thanks for all the fans who gave their input and support, it keeps me going and I do appreciate it."

Although Rusty was not in condition at the show, you are still in a better shape than some pros at higher placing. You are always the best!

Here is another message Rusty posted later to forum:

"Well, had I NOT tried to keep my waist small and didn't miss a few meals (which flattened me out) and the last 2 days of training I missed due to driving to LA and just did NOT want to go to the gym, (training right up to the show seems to keep me in my top shape) I was BEAT UP feeling, my back was screaming from the long drive...just doesn't do much for me, I knew it and sadly enough wasn't all that psyched for much at the end. You know they're gonna call out the SAME GUYS everytime, you kind of stop caring."

Rusty still looked good. He should have been placed much higher even though he did not feel good at the show because of the pain.... All placings were controversial. This time it is not about the top 5 but ALL. ALL! Judges disappointed us! Too bad!

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