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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - "I'll do the Ironman again...make 3 new DVDs..."

Rusty posted a message to the forum of about the show he will compete in the coming year and he is planning to make new DVDs. Here is the extract:

"I think I'll do the Ironman again this year to start things off..I'll be gunning for somewhere between 12th and last place again..I was thinking of growing a huge gut. a huge mouth and do only mandatories, hey that's the ticket!!

I'm going to make a new 3 new DVDs somewhere around the time of the show, I am making a comedy type DVD at the moment of just stupid gym stuff...musclehead stuff..I think people would really enjoy....I might make a Pose Like A Pro #2 DVD since the first one did pretty well...a more detailed one for advanced competitors. I've got a few new projects I'm working on to sell on my site as well. When those are out, I'll let everyone know.


I hope Rusty is just joking about getting a huge gut, mouth.... We like his aesthetic physique not a huge gut!

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