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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - How Rusty trains his abs

Rusty Jeffers posted messages to the forums of and Milo about how he trained his abs. Here are the extracts of the messages:

"I USUALLY warm up every workout doing depends on how I feel, if I'm close to a show....daily..I use a little bit of weight, but nothing heavy enought to make it really hard to need. I usually pick 3 ab exercises, say cable crunches, 1 arm cable crunches, leg raises..and do one immediately after the next,,,then go through that two or three times, pick 3 more, say floor crunches, side crunches, 1 legged leg raises, go through that once or twice through...all sets approx. 50 reps...then maybe do twists with a stick..maybe not..depends on how I feel. Only takes about 8 to 10 minutes to do a good ab workout, and I'm ready to hit a major group."

Rusty further explained it in more details:
"Well..I don't do just 6..pick any six..doesn't matter as long as you hit them from every angle. Read your signature about reps...I just hammer at them, not mindlessly going through the reps, crunch the sh*t out of them constantly, do rope crunches -- with enough weight than you can complete anywhere from 20 to 30 fairly easily, then go to in n outs off a bench, then go to incline crunches...go through it again, then again. pick 3 more repeat..When your abs are toast..not tired,'re done.

I hit the vacuum all the time except after thanksgiving..when I absolutely can't do a vacuum...I diet for a few days because I know I'm getting too heavy. I say relatively lean all year.

Old school leg raises hanging from a bar, put a bench in your way and put your feet to the right of the bench then to the left...bring your feet up high in between. Hard as hell. and NO to weighted side bends...stand and rock side to side keeping abs right and crunching on your weights needed unless you want to look like a few other...uh know.."

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