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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - Skin Treatment before shows (Continued)

Rusty/ Francy continued the discussion of skin treatment and application of Pro Tan on Milos' forum. Here is the content:

"OK, Ready for the class on how to put on Pro Tan perfectly??? Here ya go, my wife is a redhead and she's really white, so when she competed, she figured out how to do it RIGHT because she hated the look everyone had..."homeless" she calls it! I'll let her tell you...

Rusty has to shave a LOT, he's really a hairy guy, so he has to start shaving at least a month out so he doesn't get those little red bumps by show day. About a week in after the red bumps go away, I use those loofa gloves on him in the shower with a good soap like Dove or caress because believe me, you're gonna dry out and ITCH with other stuff lilke deodorant soaps. etc. I do that about twice a week, immediately covering him with a good cocoa butter lotion. You want to be sure to get all the areas that bend, like elbows, knees, ankles, feet, hands, fingers and toes...and get your neck and ears really well too. Think of all the gross places people look their worst with pro tan on and get those areas. Don't beat up your face, it can't take it that often, just before the show..It's the dry skin it adheres to, so if your skin is really in good condition, the pro tan will go on really evenly, and come off at least a little more evenly..never comes off perfect. (If you put on too much, you can rinse off a layer and it will come off perfectly evenly also...)

If you want your hands and feet to be tan and not slobby, don't spray them directly till the day of the show, then just mist them....oh yean, right before you put your 1st coat of protan on, cover your nails and surrounding skin with clear nail polish and you won't have yellow nails for the next few weeks.

So you don't get screwed having to pay for sheets...ask the desk at check in for throw away sheets/2nds or whatever they are calling them there and they will give you those, or bring your own..or if you're like me, wait till the maid goes in a room and grab new ones and toss the old ones in their hamper!!!! HA!

Rusty and Francy"

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