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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - Skin Treatment before shows

Rusty Jeffers posted a message to Milos' forum to talk about the skin treatment that he uses before shows. Here is the content of his posting:

"I try get a good base tan outside or by tanning bed for a month before if I can, then I kind of go through a regime of skin conditioning a couple of weeks out, that way the Pro Tan makes it go on and stay on evenly. I then Pro Tan friday a.m., then friday night, then sat a.m. I don't glop it on like a lot of guys who have the what my wife calls "the homeless look". If it's too thick, just rinse off, pat dry and re-do. Easy to do it right, just no one pays that much attention, just one of those things that drives me crazy if it's done badly. If I ever get a pic in a mag I want to look professional. Kinda like MILOS!!!
Oh yeah, and I only use apricot or almond oil onstage.. looks like a nice sheen and not like a glazed doughnut. It soaks into your skin unlike mineral oil or Pam Spray... when you pump up, wipe off the sweat and it's perfect...learned that one from Rachel McLish!!!!! Not a bad teacher...


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