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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rusty Jeffers - Shoulder Surgeries

Rusty talked about his shoulder surgeries and quads training in Yahoo! group:

"My shoulder surgery was from a car wreck where I rear ended a truck and my arm was locked on the steering wheel, which tore part of the bicep tendon and bits of the rotator cuff..unrelated to training...,2nd shoulder surgery was an impingement, also unrelated to training, the 3rd was to reattach rotator cuff that was completely torn, due to a scuffle at a nightclub. Probably better to stay away from nightclubs while training!!! ha ha ha As for quads, I believe in the overload technique 20 to 25 rep ranges usually do the trick for me. That stimulates the muscle to grow more than just brute strength..some people get results off of lower rep ranges, I sometimes cycle rep ranges so I don't go as high as twenty the lowest I go is twelve anythign below that I just don't think it works as well because it doesn't stimulate the muscle enough...that's for me anyway...I've gone heavy on squats with 635 lbs for 8 reps and all I felt was hips, knees and lower back overload...I get a much better burn from heavy, but high reps.
Hope this for honoring God, he doesn't care what you do on this earth, he only cares how you know his son!!

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