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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rusty's thought about Olympia Wildcard Show

Here are the extracts from the message that Rusty posted to his Yahoo! group about the show:

"The Wildcard was an unreal event. I think we were treated better than the guys that were in the Olympia. .......we were on the video screen, which is great because in that huge venue, NO ONE can see anything unless they're right up front. Those huge monitor screens, one on each side of the stage are just like a concert, you can see everyone up close and HUGE!!! VERY cool. If you did a back shot, you could check out your back on like a 20' x 60' screen right in front of you..Francy said every guy was staring at himself during his routine or rear double during prejudging.

There ended up only being 10 guys out of the 12 selected, I don't know what happened to the other two..and David Henry won, he was shredded, but to me, small. But, it's all about conditioning and he had what they wanted so he deserved it. He did look great. I came in 5th, but 2nd through 10th didn't matter, there were no placings or payouts, just 1st got to enter the Olympia and got 10K for winning and 2K for just getting on the Olympia stage. I would've killed to get onto that stage, but...not to be this year...Evidently the arena is an ice hockey venue also and the ice was below the flooring and it was cold as hell there. You couldn't get a pump much less maintain one. The sound system was awesome too. My brothers music was pretty cool and I did try to pose my ass off for everyone. I think it came out well. I was definitely in my best shape about 3 hours previous. We were told we'd be onstage 1st and get it over with, and my meals were spaced so I would peak that night. They added the girls and then put them 1st....girls fitness routines,,then figure,,more figure...I didn't bring anything to eat backstage, which is key for me to stay hard and veiny. 6 hours later I felt like I limped onstage. I felt flat and smooth. I was NOT as you will see.........

.... The next day we went to the Convention Center and signed a few autographs and posed with some fans. Francy told me to take my shirt off with a fan and the next thing you know it's flashbulb city. I think the other guys are really missing out on the fun of it by sitting at a booth selling some photos...I had a hell of a lot of fun with people considering you're in the best shape of your life, hamming it up and getting pics taken. I think that was MUCH more fun than sitting at a booth. I'm not much for that, I feel chained to it...this way everyone has more fun......."

Rusty looked so ripped and full on the monitor!

This is the most favourite pose of Rusty.

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