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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rusty Jeffers - Hamstring Training

Rusty Jeffers posted a message on his Yahoo! group in response to a question about hamstring training:

"Are you doing hams on a different day than them on differing days, but still do hams on leg day, just leg curls in the warm up of your routine on quad day, sets of 20's to 30's. Then a seperate day do hams, (2 to 3 days later) and do hams and glutes as a combination, for instance

Seated Leg Curls supersetted with "Sumo Stance" Leg press concentrating on squeezing the hams and glutes throughout the movement on this exercise. (Sumo is like a wide toes out stance) 5 X 25 reps.

What people don't realize about hamstring development is that stretching of the ham is important so do a contraction move like an angled hyperextension supersetted with a single armed Dumbbell romanian deadlift, which is more of a stretch than anything. So it's a squeeze move, then a stretch move. I've had good luck with this routine, give it a try. "

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