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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rusty Jeffers - Posing techniques / tips

Rusty Jeffers posted a message to the forum of about posing techniques or tips on stage. Here are the extracts:

"...................... speed means nothing, some people pose slow, some quickly...depends on what you LIKE to do. I will mention one thing, you have all mandatory poses, those are great to know how to do well and how to execute them well for prejudging, but in a routine, remember the audience has seen a string of mandatory poses from everyone to the same top 40 crap all day and all night. Now you need to learn different poses that make you look good and feel good to do them.

Try to never start with a front double....everyone does that...BAD IDEA...start with a really cool or striking pose that is different and you can get everyones attention right off...sometimes you can do something entirely casual. I started a few routines standing sideways...just standing there...twirling my 'stache, made them wait a second then hit a series of very cool poses that flowed together, keeps 'em watching and makes good entertainment. You're not gonna win a show by hitting a string of mandatories, and you're not gonna win a show strictly by good posing, I'm a great example of that. BUT I have won shows because my posing was way above the guys who were placing neck and neck with me. I've been told that for years. Just learn DIFFERENT stuff, then learn how to string them together.

My DVD [Pose Like A Pro] is made for beginners. How to execute all mandatories, stage presence, how to put together a routine. How to transition between poses, what to do with your hands and feet, etc. I will make one for advanced bodybuildiers, which if I'm being really honest, many pros would do well to learn. Hope I didn't get too winded, but posing is my passion. I know you'll do well in your next show, you're well on your way.


Hope to see the new DVD for advanced bodybuilders soon!

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