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Monday, February 13, 2006

How Rusty learned to pose

Rusty said how he learned to pose in his group:

"Actually posing was really hard for me and I learned from a few of the old timers when I was a teenager, I'm sure I was a disappointment to them in the beginning, actually I know I was at first...but I made sure I followed their moves and kind of elaborated on them show to show...I wish posing was given more weight in the judges decision as most major pros now don't have any "signature" poses. That's what was kind of cool for me coming up through the sport, learning their poses, etc. My favorites were Mike Mentzer, Serge Nubret, Samir Bannout, Lee Labrada, Mohammed Makkaway, of course, Arnold, and damn, I forget the best guys name..yeah, Ed Corney , he's probably the best. It's a shame no one seems to enjoy that part of the sport, all the pros these days seem to be locked into the mandatories because they really don't care. They get nothing out of extra work in this area, which accounts for the same 8 poses in every magazine and nothing interesting to look at. How many times can you see a front double bicep or crab shot??

(of course that's my take on the situation and several pros have asked me to do their posing lately) But hey, that's my ace in the hole!! I have done a few tapings of my posing video, but the lighting was really bad and we're re-doing it in April just before the Masters Pro World on the 15th.


Well, Rusty's posing routine is one of the most beautiful ones. Hope to see Rusty's DVD soon.

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