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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rusty's Motivation

Rusty talks about his motivation in bodybuilding to his Yahoo! group

"I like the cold time of year since I can bundle up and train in full sweats. No one bothers you and you don't have to feel like everyone's critiquing you!! I will flip through a magazine, or just do a good assessment of myself and make a goal larger arms. I did that last year and added an inch to my arms..Took a full year, but I did it..I did a superset of bi's and tri's every day at the end of every the end of the month I'd take a progress shot at the same place, same lighting, same time of day. That's the very very very best way to assess progress!!! That's what I do for all my clients. I have a wall at my house (that's where my gym is) and we put that photo next to the other one, after a few months, the proof is right there in front of them and they have to see it everytime they train. Then we go train and we have to "beat" the previous month. They look forward to the next photo so they can beat it! That's a true goal. One that is attainable, reachable, and there is no guessing if your training worked, the proof is in the photo. Take one every month. I also say a little something under my breath as I train and before I enter the wife is SICK of hearing it.

I used to say 220 ripped to the bone for about 2 1/2 years. I was 200lbs. When I got to that weight on contest day and won the overall, I changed it. Not to a higher weight, but something else to keep me motivated now that I'm in another league and I'm against monsters. Now it's To Look An Extreme, I Must Be An Extreme.

Let's see where it takes me! What are YOU going to do?


Well, let's see what Rusty will be in the coming months. Rusty is my motivation too. See what I will be ......

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