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Friday, October 07, 2005

Rusty's thought about the Charlotte Pro and the coming Mr. Olympia Wildcard Showdown

Rusty posted a message to his Yahoo! group about his thought about his result in Charlotte Pro and his invitation to Mr. Olympia Widlcard Showdown:

"..... I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but I've learned that in the pros it's not the condition you came in, but it seems to be more of a business decision...and since I'm not sponsored by any vitamin companies etc, .....then again, this is my take on things.
But one part that is really cool is when you are appreciated by someone in the indusry. I wanted to place in the top 10 so I could compete in the Olympia Wildcard contest. (For those of you who don't know what that is, is is a new thing contest) it is the day before the Olympia and is for any pro who hasn't placed in the top 1-2 spots in a pro show to qualify for the Olympia and wants a last ditch effort to qualify for the Olympia. So the winner take all at this event..only 12 spots available and the winner gets to be qualified to enter the Olympia and makes $10,000!! So after placing 12th, you know I had a beer in hand a pizza in the other, dessert on order and an alka seltzer standing by. Then I get a call from the sponsors of the Olympia with a special invite to compete!!!! So l dropped the chow pronto and got to work! This I consider a pretty big honor for anyone in the industry to even look my way!! So I'm not going to let anyone down. I have Milos Sarcev in my corner overseeing my diet, Francy busting my butt in the gym and 8 days to go...wish me luck and even though I'm not 280 lbs of shredded beef, I will stay true to my roots and give them a routine from hell and I'll take all of you with me onstage!! Wish me luck! Let's kick some ASS!!!

Go for it Rusty! We are so proud of you!

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